French country house decor and bedroom Feng Shui

The principles of bedroom feng shui can be used harmoniously to create a French Country home decor to a bedroom that has a harmonious flow, which is nourishing and promotes sensual energy There are many factors, which can be produced in the creation of the atmosphere, and most of them back in any room with ease. It is funny and enjoyable, and is a safe haven where you can retreat to at any time of the day or night. You create the right atmosphere with French Country home decor, there are to follow some basic rules.

To follow one of the most important rules is to get rid of the TV in the bedroom. Other devices, such as computers and exercise equipment should also be taken from the room. If these elements are present, has destroyed the atmosphere. It is also important to keep the air in the room fresh and of good quality. You can open the windows too often, and with a good air purifier can help to ensure that the air in the room fresh. Breathing stale air is full of pollutants, the impact on the quality of sleep. With plants in the room is not a good idea.

Essential oils are available in the market that can be used to clean the air while it is filling, with a pleasant fragrance. The bedroom feng shui is enhanced with proper French lighting. It is important that the different levels of lighting in the room. With a dimmer, the illumination can regulate according to important. Light is very important to create the right atmosphere. Candles are very useful for the creation of appropriate lighting. It is important, however, to toxin-candle free.

The use of color is also important, because to achieve the selection of soothing colors, a good balance in the bedroom helps. The bedroom decor should be balanced to encourage a positive flow of energy that helps in restorative sleep. The best colors for the bedroom are those that as the „skin colors“. These vary from pale white color to rich chocolate brown. To improve the colors in this area, the bedroom decor will help. It is also important to select images for the bedroom that carry powerful energy such as images of the places you want to visit.

The location of the bed is also important, when you try to create the balance. Experts in this area recommend positioning the bed where it can be accessed from both sides. With a night table on each side, is also important. The bed should not be in a direct line with the door, and should the bed linen, a good mattress, solid headboard and good quality.

Source by Stephanie L. Meyers


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