Halloween Quinceanera Or Sweet Sixteen Party

Is your child, yourself, or your whole family just in love with the Halloween theme of monsters and dress up? Were they born around that time of year, or just want a big blow out bash to make everything appear haunting- so why not let them? There are tons of ways to make a halloween party into a spilled over bash of a Mis Quinceanera or Sweet Sixteen. There are hardly any limits with the way this party could turn out, though there is a new [flesh eating] craze that may give you a few ideas.

Zombies. Now this doesn’t mean that the whole party has to go around the theme of a flesh eating virus that strikes down the people who have become infected into the living dead, but it could be a fun way to end the night! Hiring a group of young adults in college or even some of your teenagers friends to dress up like a zombie is easy, and making it into a game for the birthday teen is as well. After all the festivities are said and done, you could announce that there are ‚loaded guns‘ under the chairs, which are infact just water guns with red dye in the water. After the group of party goers grab their weapons, you say there are zombies on the lose and the people you hired enter the room wearing white plain tees. Once the zombies get hit with the red dyed water, they’re out of the game- but not to worry, these flesh eating monsters can ‚infect‘ one of the party goers!

Chances are that a ballroom manager will not allow such things to take place in their rooms, but that’s not the issue, who says it can’t be an outside party in a park, your backyard, or even on the beach. So location needs to be figured out way before the actual party is going to be happening, and if it is happening outdoors remember to check the weather and different tents that you made need to provide shelter for the party goers. Though don’t think that this Halloween Mis Quince or Sweet Sixteen is limited to zombies, since that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Vampires, mummies, and classic monsters in general are all a blank canvas waiting for you and your teen to open the Pandoras Box to set those ideas free.

Now you’re probably wondering what would you do for decorations, gifts, and food for the party- since you want to keep the theme alive throughout the whole time and the guests interested. Jack-o-lanterns could be the center pieces to a table, with some black and orange flowers or leaves to spice it up, glasses could be goblets, plates looking old and cracked. The cake could be a tombstone, haunted house, mummy, or even body parts. Creative cake designers eat this stuff up since they get to explore every haunting idea that could possibly come to mind. Party favors may be getting to the tricky part of this Halloween Mis Quince or Sweet Sixteen, though you could always hire a camera man for the evening and have him take photos for everyone then insert into a photo frame for the guests. You shouldn’t worry about dinner though, that could be kept to a regular course to save your your guests from getting to into the Halloween theme.

The Halloween theme isn’t limited to Mis Quinceanera or Sweet Sixteens, it could be for a wedding if the groom and bride to be are obsessed with Halloween [or things that just go bump in the night], or even a ‚Becoming 21‘. Halloween is not for the weak of heart, but for those who can handle it, it’s a nightmare come true!

Source by Denise Sanger


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