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Stripes in home decor are very popular with people who have a bold Outlook on life. This does not mean it is for you, though. What can also always add your Outlook, a dash of stripes in your living room that exotic touch you have been looking for.

When it comes to using stripes, however, there are some basic rules that you must understand before you step into the new territory.

Why stripes, and Where?

Stripes in your decorating plans to make a style statement. And remember, too many strips are formal.

Your living room offers a lot of options for adding stripes. You could use strips on your walls, on your upholstery, on your window Drapes, on the floor rugs, and even in the numerous decoration pieces that adorn any normal living room.

What kind of stripes For decor?

Then there are a variety of stripes, you can choose from, as well. A way to classify the stripes in the direction of. There are the vertical and the horizontal. You can even use slanting lines in your stripes.

The next option is size – there are thin and thick strips. In the case of smaller rooms thick stripes look better as they add to the volume of the space, and Vice versa. Thin vertical stripes tend to have the roof look higher than it actually is.

Then there are the options in the colors. You could print using bold or bright colors. Contrast colors do well in certain places, but for beginners, it is best to order the same color family as the stripes themselves are less glaring. So that you can tones, a combination of dark brown, light brown, orange and yellow, just to name an example. In the case of contrasts, blue and white stripes, are among the most popular.

Keep it light

If you strip for the first time, it is best to keep it light, as in go in for only an item or two for the changeover. Do not fill the whole room with stripes at one go.

Change the upholstery or the curtains, or the walls into a striped pattern one at a time. If you like what you see and continue to like it after a while as well, a winner on your hands. Now you can go a step further and add more pieces to your overall striped home decoration design.

You Can Vary Your Options

To mix in the search for a pattern, try and adapt. Too many stripes may actually be too overbearing, so go for a combination of plain and striped decoration. For example, you have walls smooth cushion against the striped might.

Curtains are a great way to create stripes without investing an extra Cent. You could create stripes simple curtains with a combination of contrasting simple curtains. Thus a beige colored window film embedded would create between two dark brown Drapes, giving the impression of stripes. No harm to your bag, and to continue holding the cards in your hand as you can, to change the combination, also!

OMG!!! I began to write a small piece, but there is so much, it is not suitable in an article. As you will see in the next week for some more basics about using stripes in your decorating plans!

Source by Jasnav Nagpal


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