How To Throw A Great Sweet 16 Glow In The Dark Party

You may have been thinking about what type of sweet 16 party theme would be the most fun for you and your friends.

You may have also wondered about what would make for a very unique evening that none of your guests will ever forget. Well a glow in the dark party might just be the idea for you.

Take a second and answer these simple questions:

Do you like to dance?

Do your friends enjoy a good party?

Do you love bright and shiny colors

Maybe some great upbeat music?

If the answers are yes to these questions, then you have indeed found the perfect theme, congratulations!

So let’s begin with the most basic question girl’s ask…

What Exactly is a Glow in the Dark Party?

A glow in the dark party is essentially a big dance party. The venue is extremely dark, and all of the decorations glow in the dark. There are normally many black lights, and guests are usually asked to wear at least one white article of clothing.

Adding Highlighters

Guests are sometimes given white t shirts or tank top to wear at the party, and each guest gets a highlighter. Guests can sign each others t shirts. Placing big white boards or huge sheets of paper on some of the walls allows the guests to draw graffiti on the walls.

If you decide to do this, make sure that the highlighters are either erasable, or the guests are monitored closely. You don’t want to end up with a lot of highlighter stains all over your walls.

Decorations for the Party

Great decorations include the following:

black lights

white balloons and streamers

neon cups, straws and dishware

disco ball or strobe light

a couple of neon lights spread around

At some party stores and joke shops they sell blow up chairs and couches in neon colors. This would make a great idea for seating. These also give a good night club feel to a room or venue.

Party Favors

You can give out glow sicks, necklaces, glow in the dark makeup and jewelery at the party for the guests to use and wear. These also make great party favors that don’t cost much to buy at all!.

You could also give out a cd to each of the guests with the most played songs from the party. You can have the CD’s made with neon colors.

Great music to play would include:

good techno

the latest hits

some great sweet 16 songs

dance music

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