Leather Lamp Shades Can Make a Huge Difference in Any Room in Your House

Leather lamp shades are simply a different breed altogether. There simply cannot be any other contender for giving your home that very rustic and old history book look! What makes this a one out of million buy is its very material of making – leather.

Leather has been used to make shoes, bags, belts, car interiors and now even the most envied lamp shades. For a long time leather has been associated with a princely, grandiose style of living, and even today it holds its aura intact.

Rawhide shades are popular due to their translucent effect and affordability giving the decoration a rustic look. The painted leather lamp shades are a distinctly different piece of decoration. The paintings on the shade increase its heritage look and value.

For centuries, Indian emperors have used such masterpieces of contemporary art; now it is your turn. Richly crafted leather, studded with precious gems and stones have enthralled civilizations for ages.

These have now acquired cult status and cost thousands and sometimes millions of dollars – depending on the age and quality of the preserved leather! If you have heavy wooden furniture adorning your living space, you can safely opt for one of these special shades.

Go for the hand dyed, or painted leather lamp shades because these are the most exquisite ones. Online orders are accepted by various manufacturers in the Texas, and other southern states. But it is best if you have a hands-on experience. Rawhides give a rich warm aura to your stylish room, and make it stand out in the crowd.

Caring for your leather lamp shades is of utmost importance because that is what decides whether the leather will remain as good as when bought. Leather, unlike other fabric, matures with age and proper care is required for it.

Cleaning and keeping your leather supple should be on your priority maintenance list. Select good quality leather and vinyl cleaners and creams to help your cause. Do NOT use a wet cloth to wipe off any stains. This will make the leather shrink when dried and brittle with age.

Special care is required for the painted leather shades.

Leather lamp shades can be easily procured from the various antique and curio shops, Indian and African handicraft emporiums and cottage industry outlets.

Mostly, the shades are made from elk, sheep skin or goat skins, while camel leather is a rare find – consider yourself lucky if you find one! This is the best quality leather for an ideal lamp shade. Wrought iron lamp bases and clay bases are best paired with such leather lamp shades.

Source by Ned D’Agostino


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