Three things you need to consider Before hedgehog adoption

It needs to be done is a huge responsibility and a lot of research before adopting a hedgehog. Help you with your decision, let’s look at the trivial things that need to be taken into account before the adoption.

Temperature Tactics

Hedgehogs are tropical creatures, so that a suitable temperature-modulation is required to keep them healthy. The temperature can vary between 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) to 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius), depending on the hedgehog, a requirement which is to be measured through regular monitoring.

A heater can be used in the room where the hedgehog is kept to keep the room warm at all times.

A ceramic heat emitter or a space heater could be used. It is important that the environment is warm, since cold surroundings can sick the hedgehog and can even to his death The hedgehog also need to be exposed to light for at least 12 hours every day.

Home Sweet Home (Cage Specifications)

Hedgehog-adoption is not an easy task. You have to ensure that the small animal is safe and sound in his cage. The tiny ball of feathers requires a lot of space for movement. So a cage of about 3-4 square meter should be preferred.

The cage should be made of glass or plastic and should be well ventilated. To take into account another important aspect is that the cage has high walls to climb so that the hedgehog is able to get out of the cage.

Hedgehogs travel long distances in search of food. Confinement in every case would be a turn-off for the little creature. It is advisable to add a wheel in the cage to keep him busy. The wheel should be approximately 10″-12″ in diameter and should have a solid floor. It must also be cleaned regularly-like the hedgehog necessities on the bike could. Bucket-wheel is an excellent choice.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, meaning they are active during the night. So the cage should not want to in the bedroom if you get disturbed while sleeping. Some hedgehogs show some activity during the day, but in General, you want to all the running around for the night.

The cage should be solid flooring. It should be free of holes, wires, loose threads, and sprouts, to ensure that the hedgehog will not hurt the delicate feet. For bedding, dry pine shavings or fabric cage liner can be used.

Do not use cedar or corn cob bedding, under any circumstances, since they cause difficulty breathing. If any other form is used by bed linen, make sure that the hedgehog is comfortable with you and not have to eat it, as it might choke him.

Fresh food and water provided to the hedgehog should be every day in his cage. Ensure high protein foods such as chicken, egg white, is given to him. Hedgehogs are bug-eaters are so caterpillars, crickets and mealworms sum up to a sumptuous feast for you

Hedgehog-Adoption– A blessing for life

Like other Pets, hedgehogs are longing for love and attention.You should be able to devote a certain amount of their time for the welfare of the hedgehogs. Not all hedgehogs are friendly, and learn quickly. You have to be patient, if you want your pet hedgehog to trust you.The hedgehog that could roll into a ball or poop if scared.

Remember, not, to prosecute him for such activities. Just like with people, you have to work on building a friendly relationship with him. As soon as the hedgehog to trust you and return your love, you will have fun with the adorable little piece of joy. Hedgehog adoption is a blessing for life. Therefore, feel proud of, because you will have a fresh leash of life to a threatened soul.

Source by Clint Sidney


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